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Original Artwork


My favorite superhero.

Avatar of Strength
Gargoyle, aka Gar
Map of Gallenor
Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Snow is a student of the United Corps of Heroes, or the UCH. She was the first hero to find Bark after he escaped the lab that made him.


This is Bolt, a main character from my Bark superhero series. Here he has found a nice traffic cam and photobombed a car, just to give the police a wink.


This is Fang. He is an alien who is picked up by the crew of the USS Orlando in my book Earth's Last Starship. This is the moment when they first find him in the enemy prison.

Defiant Bark

This is Bark, the central figure of my superhero series. Here he has been captured by the enemy and is tortured for information about the UCH. He never gives in.


Bolt, the speedster of the UCH. A superhero and hero instructor for new students. He first dislikes Bark, but soon develops a close friendship.

Queen Jade

Queen Alicia Jade rules over Yohan in the Winter Wizard Chronicles.

Victorian Liliana

A painting I did as a challenge by an artist friend of mine. I took one of his characters from a game he paints for and transformed her into a Victorian woman. Let's just say that the housefire accident and leave it at that.

Cyberpunk Fishman

This is not a character from any book. This was an art challenge by another artist. He gave me the term cyber fish and told me to draw something on that. So, I created a Cyberpunk Fishman.

I began dabbling in art more than two decades ago. It was, and partly still is, a way to see my characters better. I always loved drawing and had a life long desire to be good at this. So, I set out to improve. After a lot of effort and loads of practice, I became an artist. Eventually, my art got noticed by a game developer and they hired me to help create both art and story for the online game Heroes Rising. Since then, due to the constant practice of creation, I have only gotten better. I don't count myself as a great artist, but I do enjoy what I create and I hope you do as well. Every piece on this page was created by me.

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