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Daniel Peyton

Hello. I'm an author, artist, and performer. I have been writing my ideas down as stories since the fourth grade. By the ninth grade I realized that my dream was to be a full author with books being read by strangers. In 2008 I got my first break and published a book, however it was a horrible experience. I spent a few years self publishing just for fun. Then I got my second break, a small publisher wanted my series, Legacy of Dragonwand. It turned out to be a bestseller and I have published multiple books with Cosby, including Bark, Earth's Last Starship, and more to come. I also have a book, Remnant, currently out through Ambassador International. I also love to draw characters from my stories as well as other interesting things. Check out my work here and through my social media pages.

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Motor City Comic Con
May 19th-21st Novi MI. 


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